June 20, 2022

A factory of JSC «Medicines of Moldova»
for the production of medicines from medicinal herbs has been launched in the city of Anenii Noi (Moldova).
80% of the funds invested in the construction and purchase of equipment Karataev Vladislav Valerievich,
10% Kovaleva Olga
5% Shevchenko alexander Viktorovich
5% lungu tatiana ivanovna

October 21, 2021

Karat Bank acquired LLC «RUSSAL» with its investors in Russia.
The company «Russal» was established in 1996. Since then, for several decades we have been delighting our customers by providing their families with health products. All our products can be divided into two categories: hematogen, presented in our wide range;
muesli bars, which include various nut, fruit and cereal mixes.
All our main products come out under the brand «healthy generation», which directly speaks about our goals.

Karat Bank has built the first solar power plant in Moldova.

  Karat Bank has built the first solar power plant in Moldova, which provides electricity to greenhouses.
This green energy project is funded by Karat Bank with the support of the National Bank of Moldova.
This is a Moldovan solar power plant, the purpose of which is to dramatically reduce
the country’s dependence on coal and gas. With the help of international donors and
renewable energy experts, we were able to build
a solar power plant that generates up to 2 megawatts (2000
Solar panels have already been installed on the territory of four hectares.
The estimated capacity of the station is 2.1 megawatts.
If you want to help in the development of alternative energy in Moldova, purchase the KaratBankStore crypto coin, 15% of the coin sale goes to the development of new projects.

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We have fully refunded the money to our depositors for the KaratBankStore crypto coins that were traded on the scam exchange.
Each customer was charged +3% for the inconvenience.


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Intelligent neural network, on this day the start of the project launch in Moldova.

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We invested 2,000,000 lei in our client’s project, the project  Green Farm